Not sure what the budget means for you? Irish Times journalists and experts from PwC answered your questions on Wednesday and Thursday December 5th and 6th. A selection of the questions and answers is below.

James C. from Dublin asked:

Re PRSI, I am confused. When submitting tax returns Form11 online over the years, I always had to pay PRSI on the bank interest earned on my deposits (i.e. bank interest on deposits was always liable to PRSI). I am self employed. Can you clarify this please.

Phil from Dublin asked:

How is the value of your property going to be worked out for the property tax?? Houses are selling at the moment for a lot less than asking prices… will the owner have to get evaluations done??

joe from mayo asked:

Hi just wondering what is the story with savings. I no DIRT tax has increased to 33% but what is this talk about PRSI also?

alan from madeira asked:

my wife and i are both retired and have combined pensions of 50,000 euro per annum. are we affected by the budget.

Mary from Dublin asked:

Was any exemption to the property tax introduced for those who paid high stamp duty during the boom years? Thank you. from Dublin 6 asked:

I am a pensioner over 70 years old with a medical card. Would you please tell me the post budget threshold for a single person. Thanking you in anticipation of a prompt reply.

Michael from Dublin asked:

if I have rental income of €2000 per year, what does the budget do to that income?

Paul Webster from Wexford asked:

In addition to marginal tax, will PRSI and USC be payable on withdrawals from AVC funds?

thomas daly from perrystown asked:

Hi, i have a private pension of €8,000 as well as the state pension. will i be liable for PRSI? hi,i have a small private of 44 €

Lynda from Dublin asked:

Has there been any change to the rent a room scheme? What is the max income allowed from this?

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