households in Griffith's Valuation (1847-64)


Kelley 2
Kellie 2
Kelly 11521
O'Kelly 57
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Kelly second most numerous name in Ireland: in every part, especially Connacht. Irish is Ó Ceallaigh, Ceallach, bright-headed, a very old first name. The leading sept was of the Uí Maine in Galway. Now usually appears as O'Kelly. IF, SGG & GPN.
Mac Ceallaigh Kelly: ní féidir idirdhealú ar Ó Ceallaigh. Bhí Mac Ceallaigh i nGailimh in anallód ach baineann an sloinne seo go príomhdha le Oileán Mhanann.
O'Kelly numerous: all areas, especially N Munster. Ir. Ó Ceallaigh. Perhaps from ceallach, frequenting churches, but more likely an older name connoting "bright-headed". (GPN). The most important family were chiefs of Uí Maine (E Galway). There were a number of other septs in places such as Derry, Wicklow, Laois and Cork. See also Kelly. SGG.


Kelly households in each county in the Primary Valuation property survey of 1847-64.
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  Antrim 187 Armagh 244
  Belfast city 136 Carlow 164
  Cavan 149 Clare 410
  Cork 370 Cork city 41
  Derry 273 Donegal 449
  Down 308 Dublin 392
  Dublin city 196 Fermanagh 65
  Galway 986 Kerry 226
  Kildare 461 Kilkenny 466
  Laois 398 Leitrim 238
  Limerick 303 Limerick city 46
  Longford 168 Louth 246
  Mayo 595 Meath 266
  Monaghan 315 Offaly 408
  Roscommon 815 Sligo 224
  Tipperary 405 Tyrone 514
  Waterford 193 Westmeath 302
  Wexford 338 Wicklow 223