households in Griffith's Valuation (1847-64)


Galagher 24
Galaher 16
Gallagheer 2
Gallagher 4126
Gallaher 67
Galliher 3
Gillaher 2
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Gallagher Very numerous: all provinces but primarily Donegal and adjoining counties. MacLysaght mentions 23 different spellings of the anglicised name! The Irish is Ó Gallchobhair, meaning "lover of foreigners". They were a leading sept of Cineál Conaill and ally of the O'Donnells. The sermons of Bishop James O'Gallagher (1681-1751) are one of the treasures of Irish spirituality. The name has been abbreviated to Gallahue. IF & SGG.
Goligher Quite numerous: Ulster generally. Ir. Ó Gallchóir. See Gallagher.
O'Gallagher Very rare: Ulster. Ir. Ó Gallchobhair, Ó Gallchóir. See Gallagher.
Ó Gallchobhair Gallagher & rl. An-líonmhar ar fud na tíre ach sí Tír Chonaill a ndúiche shinseartha. Clann mhór de chuid Chineál Conaill, nasctha leis na Domhnallaigh agus páirteach in imeachtaí an 16 céid in gCúige Uladh. Litriú nua: Ó Gallchóir.
Ó Gallchobhair fairly rare: Donegal etc. Ir.Lang. See Gallagher.


Gallaher households in each county in the Primary Valuation property survey of 1847-64.
Click on a county name for a breakdown of the number of households by parish (paying).
  Antrim 1 Armagh 3
  Cavan 9 Clare 7
  Donegal 2 Down 1
  Dublin 2 Kerry 1
  Kildare 2 Laois 2
  Leitrim 3 Limerick 6
  Limerick city 1 Louth 3
  Mayo 5 Meath 3
  Offaly 11 Roscommon 2
  Sligo 1 Westmeath 1
  Wexford 1