households in Griffith's Valuation (1847-64)


Fitzpatrick 2566
Kilpatrick 333
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Fitzpatrick Very numerous: all areas. Ir. Mac Giolla Phádraig (son of Patrick's servant). This is the only Fitz- name of indigenous origin - they were chiefs of Ossory (Kilkenny-Laois) at the time of the Norman Invasion and are still numerous there. The Fitzpatricks of Ulster are thought to be related to Maguire Fermanagh. See also Kilpatrick. IF,MIF, SGG.
Kilpatrick numerous: Ulster generally. Ir. Mac Giolla Phadraig (devotee of St Patrick). In the South, it appears as Fitzpatrick, q.v.
Mac Giolla Phádraig Fitzpatrick: líonmhar ar fud na tíre. Tá Kilpatrick amhlaidh in Ultaibh. Clann a bhí chun tosaigh in Osraí aimsir an Ionraidh. S'iad an t-aon dream Gaelach go bhfuil an réimír "Fitz" acu. Dream de bhunadh Albanach is ea na h-Ultaigh, cuid mhaith.
Mac Giolla Phádraig rare: Dublin etc. Ir.Lang. See Fitz Patrick.


Fitzpatrick households in each county in the Primary Valuation property survey of 1847-64.
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  Antrim 7 Armagh 11
  Belfast city 32 Carlow 55
  Cavan 378 Clare 102
  Cork 160 Cork city 7
  Derry 1 Donegal 6
  Down 203 Dublin 85
  Dublin city 51 Fermanagh 74
  Galway 44 Kerry 28
  Kildare 83 Kilkenny 154
  Laois 484 Leitrim 25
  Limerick 25 Limerick city 4
  Longford 26 Louth 39
  Mayo 31 Meath 48
  Monaghan 69 Offaly 35
  Roscommon 29 Sligo 2
  Tipperary 135 Tyrone 15
  Waterford 21 Westmeath 36
  Wexford 29 Wicklow 32