households in Griffith's Valuation (1847-64)


Cambell 5
Campbell 3222
McCampbell 4
McCamphill 3
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Caimbéal Campbell: an-líonmhar in Ultaibh, i gConnachta agus Co. Lú. An mhór-chlann Albanach Ó Duibhne a ghlac an leas-ainm chucu. Chomh maith leis na h-Albanaigh, bhí clann dúchasach i dTír Eoghain, Mac Cathmhaoil, ar a dtugadh Campbell.SS.
Campbell Very numerous: Ulster in particular. This relates not only to the great Scottish clan, Scots Gael: Cam-béal (crooked mouth), but also the Ir. Mac Cathmhaoil (battle chief). These were a sept of Cineál Eoghain in Tyrone. In Donegal there was a Scots galloglass family called in Ir. Mac Ailín, who were also Campbells. MIF.
MacCamphill fairly rare: Antrim. Ir. Mac Cathmhaoil. See Mac Call.


Campbell households in each county in the Primary Valuation property survey of 1847-64.
Click on a county name for a breakdown of the number of households by parish (paying).
  Antrim 333 Armagh 240
  Belfast city 214 Carlow 1
  Cavan 48 Clare 14
  Cork 9 Cork city 2
  Derry 241 Donegal 279
  Down 385 Dublin 50
  Dublin city 43 Fermanagh 88
  Galway 57 Kerry 1
  Kildare 23 Kilkenny 9
  Laois 12 Leitrim 47
  Limerick 7 Limerick city 7
  Longford 48 Louth 162
  Mayo 80 Meath 47
  Monaghan 158 Offaly 15
  Roscommon 24 Sligo 16
  Tipperary 11 Tyrone 492
  Waterford 6 Westmeath 28
  Wexford 14 Wicklow 11