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Despite its Norman appearance, "Fitz-" being Norman French for "son of", in the vast majority of cases Fitzpatrick is an anglicisation of the Irish Mac Giolla Phadraig, meaning "son of the servant of (St.) Patrick". Similarly to other surnames containing Giolla, it has also been anglicised as "Kilpatrick" and, more rarely, "Gilpatrick", principally in Ulster, where it is most common in counties Fermanagh and Monaghan. The original Giolla Padraig from whom the surname is taken was the tenth-century ruler of the ancient kingdom of Upper Ossory, including parts of the present counties of Laois and Kilkenny. The surname was anglicised to Fitzpatrick in the early sixteenth century when the chief of the family accepted the title of Lord Baron of Upper Ossory from Henry VIII. Partly due to this, they managed to retain possession of a large portion of their original lands right up to the nineteenth century. Although the surname is now common and widespread throughout Ireland, the largest concentration is still to be found in Co. Laois, part of their original homeland.

Fitzpatrick households by county in the Primary Valuation property survey of 1848-64.
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Antrim 7
Armagh 11
Belfast city 32
Carlow 55
Cavan 378
Clare 102
Cork 160
Cork city 7
Derry 1
Donegal 6
Down 203
Dublin 85
Dublin city 51
Fermanagh 74
Galway 44
Kerry 28
Kildare 83
Kilkenny 154
Laois 484
Leitrim 25
Limerick 25
Limerick city 4
Longford 26
Louth 39
Mayo 31
Meath 48
Monaghan 69
Offaly 35
Roscommon 29
Sligo 2
Tipperary 135
Tyrone 15
Waterford 21
Westmeath 36
Wexford 29
Wicklow 32