No Harand households in mid-19th century Ireland

Harand households in each county in the Primary Valuation property survey of 1847-64.

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No Harand households in the Primary Valuation between 1847 and 1864.


Haran: Quite numerous: Connacht, Limerick-Clare etc. Ir. Ó h-Eaghráin, from the first name Eaghra. Woulfe says this is a Galway name. Also as Haren, Harhen. Both have been changed to Horan which is much more common. See also Harron. SI.
Haren: fairly rare: scattered. See Haran.
Harron: fairly numerous: Ulster etc. Ir. Ó h-Earáin, earadh, fear. A sept of Oriel in E Armagh. MacLysaght mentions an erenagh family Ó h-Aráin in Fermanagh which might account for their strong representation there now. See also Haran. SI.
Ó h-Eaghráin: Haran,-en: líon beag: an Clár, Sligeach & rl. Tá Haren i bhFear Manach ach baineann siad le Ó h-Aráin agus tá Heran in Oirghialla ag freagairt do Ó h-Earáin. Tá deacrachtaí aitheantais annso; luann de Bhulbh le Gaillimh iad. Litriú nua: Ó h-Eáráin.

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Haran 119
Haren 29
Harron 2

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Ó h-Eaghráin


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