De Blaghd

No De Blaghd households in mid-19th century Ireland

De Blaghd households in each county in the Primary Valuation property survey of 1847-64.

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No De Blaghd households in the Primary Valuation between 1847 and 1864.


Bligh: Quite numerous: Dublin, Midlands, Connacht. Ir. Ó Blighe (Blí) (from a Norse name) in Connacht, otherwise of English origin from the place Blyth or the adjective "blithe", in the latter instances the Irish version is de Blaghd. See also Blythe. SI.
Blyth: Quite numerous: Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway. Ir. Ó Blighe in Connacht, otherwise it is an English toponymic or adjectival "blithe". The gaelicisation of this is de Blaghd. See also Bligh.
de Blaghd: Very rare: Dublin. Ir. Lang. See Blythe.
de Blaghd: Blythe: líon beag: Áth Cliath, Béal Feirste, Corcaigh, Gaillimh. Sloinne Sasanach taobh amuigh de Chonnachta, áit inar ngalldú ar Ó Blighe é. Iomráiteach faoin scríbhneoir, polaiteoir agus fear amharclainne, Earnán de Blaghd (1889-1975).

Variants and total numbers.
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Bligh 54
Blighe 19
Blight 1
Blithe 5
Blyth 4
Blythe 18

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de Blaghd


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