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The subscription section of Irish Ancestors allows you access to all of the information in our databases as and when you wish. Whether you want information about records covering multiple areas of Ireland, or profiles of sources for different families, the subscription area can meet your needs.

Please be clear: the record references returned by the searches are, in the main, bibliographical and do not include the original records - in other words, they are detailed aids to research rather than the research itself . Click here for a preview.


The service is based on units which you purchase in advance:
EUR 50 buys 50 units. Payment can also be made in US or Australian dollars, or in sterling.

Once logged in with a valid User ID:

A query that returns information generally costs a single unit.

You can also run all of the other paying areas of Irish Ancestors at large savings:

  • The Placenames paying section costs 1 unit, a saving of 78%. (Sample)
  • .
  • The Double Surname Search costs 3 units, a saving of 70%. (Sample)

  • The Surnames section costs 1 unit, a saving of 86%. (Sample)

  • The Ancestors section costs 10 units, a saving of 60%. The Ancestors report remains available even after the subscription is finished: simply return to the home page, choose the "Previous Users" link and enter your UserID. (Sample )

  • The Civil Parish Records search costs 1 unit per record-source, a potential saving of up to 90%. (Sample)