Placenames in Granard Superintendent Registrar's District

    (aka Granard Poor Law Union)
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    Ballinalee; Castlepollard; Coole; Finnea; Granard; Scrabby; Street;

Civil Parish
Killydoon Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Freeduff Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Clonoose Big Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Carrick Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Drumbriskan Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Cloone Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Aghaveans Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Moneybeg Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Derrymacegan or Clareisland Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Clareisland or Derrymacegan Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Clonrobert Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Ballygarran Westmeath Rathaspick Moygoish Lewis
Loughanstown Westmeath Rathgarve Fore Lewis
Corrydonellan Westmeath Russagh Moygoish Lewis
Lisduff Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Hospitalbank Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Correaly Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Ballykildevin Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Athenboy Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Inchmore Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Cloonaghmore Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Abbeylara Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Currygrane Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Lismagoneen Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Lissameen Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Glenoghil Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Drumderg Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Cartronreagh Longford Clonbroney Ardagh Lewis
Ballinalee or Saintjohnstown Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Mullinroe Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Springtown Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Moatfield Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Greville Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Mullingee Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Cloghchurnel Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Carragh Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Ballygilchrist Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Drumard Longford Killoe Longford Lewis
Newtownbond Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Lissanure Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Clonwhelan Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Camlisk More Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Barne Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Drumman Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Kilfintan Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Tullygullin Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Moynagh Upper Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Kilcogy Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Derries Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Cortrasna Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Bawn Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Aghaboy Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Dernaferst Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Cornagran Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Rathshane Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Finnea Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Ballynagall Little Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Doon Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Nonsuch Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Turbotstown Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Derrya Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Coolure Demesne Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Ballynagall Westmeath Rathgarve Fore Lewis
Windtown South Westmeath Russagh Moygoish Lewis
Loughanstown Westmeath Russagh Moygoish Lewis
Burgesland Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Boherquill Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Vicarsfield Glebe Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Roos Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Whitehill or Knockanbaun Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Laughil (Edgeworth) Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Knockanbaun or Whitehill Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Kiltykeary Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Drummeel Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Ederland Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
France Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Corbeagh Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Carrickateane Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Clonbroney Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Castlebrock Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
White Island Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Leitrim or Corbaun Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Swan Island Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Rosduff Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Inchmore Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Dunbeggan Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Kilmore Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Carrickmaguirk Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Tromra Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Higginstown Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Leitrim Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Gallid Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Bunlahy Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Ballinrud West Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Asnagh Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Ballymaurice Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Farmullagh Longford Killoe Longford Lewis
Ash Island Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Longfield Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Bracklon Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Camlisk Beg Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Cam Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Aghareagh Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Caherdague Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Ballaghgowla Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Cartronfree Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Toghernaross Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Cullaboy Lower Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Drumbrucklis Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Carnagh Lower Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Mulrick Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Newcastle Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Fearmore Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Simonstown Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Pakenhamhall or Tullynally Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Shrubbywood Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Coole Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Derrydooan Lower Westmeath Rathaspick Moygoish Lewis
Barratogher Westmeath Russagh Moygoish Lewis
Rathowen Westmeath Russagh Moygoish Lewis
Loughanstown Lower or Slievelahan Westmeath Russagh Moygoish Lewis
Kilshallow Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Barradrum Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Coolamber Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Carrickduff Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Tonymore South Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Tonymore North Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Ranaghanbaun Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Ranaghan Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Culray Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Cranally Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Cartronamarkey Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Moatfarrell Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Kiltyclogh Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Lisduff Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Clooncoose Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Corbaun or Leitrim Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Mollyglass Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Molly Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Gelshagh Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Cornadrung Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Ballinulty Upper Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Ferskill Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Ballinlough Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Rincoolagh Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Kinkillew Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Ballinrud Glebe Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Cartron Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Aghagah Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Glannagh Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Cranalagh Beg Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Aghadonagh Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Freaghmeen Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Cloonshannagh or Coolamber Manor Demesne Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Froghan Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Moynagh Lower Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Middletown Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Magheraboy Upper Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Magheraboy Lower Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Pottlebane Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Killydream Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Killycatron Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Carrickabane Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Drumhawnagh Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Drumgore Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Cloncovet Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Carnagh Upper Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Sallaghan Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Togher Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Finnea town Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Carn Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Rochestown Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Ballynameagh Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Ballinealoe Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Monktown Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Newtown Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Newpass Demesne Westmeath Rathaspick Moygoish Lewis
Ballydorey Westmeath Rathaspick Moygoish Lewis
Russagh Westmeath Russagh Moygoish Lewis
Garriskil Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Tinode Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Rath Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Clonmore Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Chancery Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Clonconnell Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Cornacausk Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Coolnagun Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Bottomy Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Rossan Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Kilbride Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Abbeylara town Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Kilderreen Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Ballynascraw Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Drumnahara Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Lisraghtigan Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Derryneel Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Aghnashannagh Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Castlebaun Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Carrowlinan Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Larkfield Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Toome Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Cloonagh Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Aghanoran Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Aghakilmore Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Aghacordrinan Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Coolcor Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Tully Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Tonywardan Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Toberfelim Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Bunlahy town Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Ballinrud East Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Aghnagarron Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Cartronbore Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Drumhalry Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Crott Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Rinnenny Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Ringowny Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Edgeworthstown town Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Culloge Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Keelogenasause Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Curry Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Lisryan Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Balloo Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Drumersnaw Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Lisnatinny Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Lisanny Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Loughdawan Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Kilgolagh Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Cullaboy Upper Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Drumhawragh Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Bernyhill Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Tonyowen Upper Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Tullystown Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Mullaghmeen Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Williamstown Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Money Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Tullyhill Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Ballynagall Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Lickbla Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Littlewood Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Clonsura Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Castletown Upper Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Castletown Lower Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Mayne Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Tullynally or Pakenhamhall Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Lickny Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Clonteens Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Rathowen Westmeath Rathaspick Moygoish Lewis
Windtown Westmeath Rathaspick Moygoish Lewis
Rathowen (Edward) Westmeath Rathaspick Moygoish Lewis
Raheen Beg Westmeath Rathgarve Fore Lewis
Knockroe Westmeath Rathgarve Fore Lewis
Windtown North Westmeath Russagh Moygoish Lewis
Lisnagappagh Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Kilmore Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Tober Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Breaghy Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Tullybaun Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Prucklishtown Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Leitrim Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Acres Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Aghaward Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Polladooey Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Carrickadorrish Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Aghamore Upper Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Aghnacliff Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Creevy Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Tennyphobble Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Melkernagh Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Halfcartron Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Churchquarter Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Cloonfin Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Balnagall Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Ballybrien Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Ballynacross Longford Granard Granard Lewis
White Island Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Lisraherty Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Birrinagh Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Ballyduffy Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Monadarragh Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Aghafin Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Cranalagh More Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Ballindagny and Cullyvore Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Kilfintan Lower or Crancam Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Moneyhoolaghan Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Curry Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Mullaghoran Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Killykeen Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Dundavan Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Bracklagh Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Clonoose Little Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Callanagh Middle Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Drumbannow Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Tonyowen Lower Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Carlanstown Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Lispopple Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Coole Town Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Rathowen town Westmeath Rathaspick Moygoish Lewis
Monagead Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Lismacaffry Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Dunamon Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Behabane Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Ballew Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Clogh Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Gorteenrevagh Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Sheeroe Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Gorteen Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Garvagh Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Kilshruley Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Listraghee Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Currycahill Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Aghagreagh Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Sonnagh Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Jasper Island Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Dring Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Culleenmore Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Cleenrah Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Derrycassan Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Ballymacroly Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Rathcronan Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Rathcor Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Toneen Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Muckerstaff Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Grassyard Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Coolagherty Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Castlenugent Longford Granard Ardagh Lewis
Aghabrack Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Ardagullion Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Ballyhoolivan Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Edgeworthstown Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Moatavally Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Coolamber Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Kiltoom Westmeath Faughalstown Fore Lewis
Lisnadarragh Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Grousehall Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Legwee Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Glascarrick Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Carricknabrick Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Clonloaghan Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Callanagh Upper Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Annagh Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Scrabby town Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Scrabby Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Corratober Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Cornamucklagh Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Arnaghan Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Foyran Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Cornacreevy Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Ballynascarry Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Mullagh Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Balrath Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Camagh Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Bigwood Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Portjack Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Williamstown Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Carn Westmeath Mayne Fore Lewis
Tromra Westmeath Rathgarve Fore Lewis
Milkernagh Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Derradd Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Fearmore Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Derragh Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Coolcraff Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Camagh Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Drumnacross Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Ballyreaghan Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Rinvanny Longford Clonbroney Ardagh Lewis
Saintjohnstown or Ballinalee Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Knockmoody Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Lislea Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Lissard Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Ballinalee town Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Smear Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Derreenavoggy Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Druminacrehir Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Clooneen Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Robinstown Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Teemore Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Lisnaneane Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Killinawas Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Granard town Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Granardkill Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Granard Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Aghaboy Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Ballymore Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Cartroncar Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Fihoragh Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Enaghan Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Lisnageeragh Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Tinnynarr Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Liscahill Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Kilcourcey Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Lackan Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Lissanore Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Garryandrew Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Clonca Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Abbey Land Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Queensland Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Lechurragh Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Crancam or Kilfintan Lower Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Coolamber Manor Demesne or Cloonshannagh Longford Street Ardagh Lewis
Kilsaran Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Carrickakillew Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Callanagh Lower Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Cormaddyduff Cavan Drumlumman Clanmahon Lewis
Portanure Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Corfree Cavan Scrabby Tullyhunco Lewis
Lisnugent Westmeath Foyran Fore Lewis
Curry Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Derrycrave Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Ardnagross Westmeath Lickbla Fore Lewis
Derrydooan Upper Westmeath Rathaspick Moygoish Lewis
Derrydooan Middle Westmeath Rathaspick Moygoish Lewis
Slievelahan or Loughanstown Lower Westmeath Russagh Moygoish Lewis
Kiltareher Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Gortanear Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Culvin Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Clonkeen Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Corralanna Westmeath Street Moygoish Lewis
Rathbrackan Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Dalystown Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Cooldoney Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Ballinrooey Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
Ballyboy Longford Abbeylara Granard Lewis
School Land Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Laughil (Adair) Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Firmount Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Cavan Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Aghamore Longford Clonbroney Granard Lewis
Ballinulty Lower Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Aghakeeran Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Aghakine Longford Columbkille Granard Lewis
Killasona Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Rinroe Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Willsbrook Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Killeen Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Graffoge Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Ballywillin Longford Granard Granard Lewis
Lisnanagh Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Drumury Longford Killoe Granard Lewis
Shantum Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Lisnagrish Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Kilsallagh Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Cullyvore and Ballindagny Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Gneeve Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Corclaragh Longford Mostrim Ardagh Lewis
Aghamore Longford Street Ardagh Lewis