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ABERDEEN 1850 Liverpool New York
ISAAC WRIGHT 1850 Liverpool New York
MARIA 1850 Belfast Philadelphia
MINERVA 1850 Londonderry Philadelphia
NEW WORLD 1850 Liverpool New York
BARBARA 1850 Londonderry Philadelphia
BRYAN ABBS 1850 Limerick New York
CELESTE 1850 Limerick New York
CHARLOTTE HARRISON 1850 Greenock New York
STAR OF THE WEST 1850 Liverpool New York
SIDDON 1850 Liverpool New York
BESS GRANT 1850 Liverpool Argentina
ISABELLA 1850 Liverpool Argentina
CONQUEROR 1850 Liverpool [unspecified]
CREOLE 1850 Londonderry Philadelphia
THOMAS B. WALES 1850 Liverpool New Orleans
WASHINGTON 1850 Liverpool New York
HANNAH THORNTON 1850 Belfast Philadelphia
INFANTRY 1850 Liverpool New York
ADAM CARR 1850 Glasgow New York
LADY HOBART 1851 Dublin New York
LADY MILTON 1851 Dublin New York
LADY MILTON 1851 Dublin New York
LOCKWOOD 1851 Cork New York
MALABAR 1851 Dublin New York
[UNSPECIFIED] 1851 Belfast Mobile
ACHILLES 1851 Belfast New York
AGITATOR 1851 Dublin New York
MARTHA 1851 Galway New York
MIAMI 1851 Tralee New York
ALICE WILSON 1851 Dublin New York
MIRAMICHI 1851 Belfast New York
MISSISSIPPI 1851 Cork New York
MONAPIA 1851 Wexford New York
NATHANIEL G. WEEKS 1851 London New York
ANTARCTIC 1851 Liverpool New York
ARMANDALE 1851 Belfast New York
NEW HAMPSHIRE 1851 Cork New York
BARK IRVINE 1851 Galway New York
BARK WENHAM 1851 Liverpool Baltimore
PRIMUS 1851 Galway New York
PRINCESS 1851 Dublin New York
BRITISH QUEEN 1851 Londonderry New York
BRITISH QUEEN 1851 Dublin New York
BRITISH QUEEN 1851 Dublin Nantucket
BROTHERS 1851 Liverpool New York
BROTHERS 1851 Wexford New York
RAJAH 1851 Cork New York
RIVERDALE 1851 Belfast New York
ROLINA 1851 Glasgow New York
SAMUEL 1851 Dublin New York
CHARLES CROCKER 1851 Liverpool New York
SOUVENIR 1851 Tralee New York
STAMBONE 1851 Tralee New York
BARQUE HANNAH 1851 Cork Philapelphia
MALVONA 1851 Liverpool Argentina
WILLIAM PEELE 1851 Liverpool Argentina
ISABELLA 1851 Liverpool Argentina
VICTORIA 1851 Liverpool Argentina
[UNSPECIFIED] 1851 Liverpool Argentina
COLONIAL 1851 Liverpool New York
COLONIST 1851 Liverpool New York
CONSTELLATION 1851 Liverpool New York
CORONET 1851 Dublin New York
TECHLA 1851 Londonderry New York
BARQUE HANNAH THOMPSON 1851 Cork Philadelphia
DEWITT CLINTON 1851 Cork New York
E.Z. 1851 Liverpool New York
ELIZA 1851 Waterford New York
ELIZA MORRISON 1851 Londonderry Mobile
TORONTO 1851 Tralee New York
URGENT 1851 Belfast New York
VERMONT 1851 Dublin New York
VICTORIA 1851 Dublin New York
VICTORIA 1851 Limerick New York
ERIN GO BRAGH 1851 Liverpool New York
EUDOCIA 1851 Liverpool New York
FALCON 1851 London New York
WILLIAM 1851 Westport New York
FAVORITE 1851 Cork New York
FIDELIA 1851 Liverpool New York
FORTUNA 1851 Dublin New York
NELSON VILLAGE 1851 Newry New York
BROTHERS 1851 Newry New York
ELIZA 1851 Newry New York
GIPSY QUEEN 1851 Dublin New York
HANNAH KERR 1851 Londonderry New York
HERBE 1851 Cork New York
HERCULES 1851 Belfast New York
JESSICA 1851 Liverpool and Cork New York
IMMANUEL KANT 1851 Cork New York
INDUSTRY 1851 Sligo New York
INDUSTRY 1851 Dublin New York
ITALIA 1852 Dublin New York
RODERICK DHU 1852 Liverpool New York
DUNCAN RITCHIE 1852 Tralee New York
COLUMBINE 1852 Limerick New York
MARCHIONESS OF CLYDESDALE 1852 Glasgow (Greenock) New York
IRVINE 1852 Tralee New York
MILLICETE 1852 Dublin New York
RAJAH 1852 Liverpool New York
ODESSA 1852 Dublin New York
GIPSEY 1852 Tralee New York
INTRINSIC 1852 Tralee New York
PARSEE 1853 [unspecified] Australia (Moreton Bay)
TELEGRAPH 1853 Liverpool New York
LA ZINGARA 1853 Liverpool Argentina
COLUMBIA 1853 Liverpool New York
PRINCETON 1853 Liverpool New York
WILLIAM TAPSCOTT 1854 Liverpool New York
J W JOHNSTON 1854 Galway New York
HERMAN ROOSEN 1854 Dublin New York
STAR OF THE WEST 1854 Liverpool New York
WEBSTER 1854 Liverpool New York
CATHERINE 1855 Belfast New York
ROBERT CORNLEY 1855 Queenstown New York
BURLINGTON 1855 Londonderry Philadelphia
BREADALBANE 1855 Cork New York
NEW WORLD 1855 Liverpool New York
KATHERINE 1855 Belfast New York
FANNY 1855 Londonderry New York
WEBSTER 1855 Liverpool New York
CLARENCE 1855 Galway New York
WALTER WILCH 1856 Liverpool Argentina
MALVONA 1856 Liverpool Argentina
LADY RUSSELL 1857 Tralee New York
WALTER WILCH 1857 Dublin Argentina
JOHN RITSON 1857 Liverpool Argentina
ISABELLA 1857 Liverpool Argentina
COLONIST 1857 Tralee New York
INDIAN EMPIRE 1858 Galway New York
NEPTUNE 1858 Liverpool Argentina
FLOR DE PLATA 1858 Liverpool Argentina
JOHN TAYLOR 1858 Glasgow Argentina
JOHN RITSON 1858 Liverpool Argentina
ISTRIA 1858 London Argentina
JAMES CARTHY 1858 Liverpool Argentina
A.Z. 1858 Tralee New York
PACIFIC 1858 Galway New York
PACIFIC 1858 Galway New York
FLOR DE PLATA 1858 Liverpool Argentina
CONSTANTINE 1858 Cork New York
CONSTITUTION 1858 Tralee New York
CIRCASSIAN 1858 Galway New York
PACIFIC 1858 Galway New York
LOUISA KILHAM 1858 Cork New York
JAMES CARTHY 1859 Liverpool Argentina
PRINCE ALBERT 1859 Galway New York
CIRCASSIAN 1859 Galway New York
FLOR DE PLATA 1859 Liverpool Argentina
FLOR DE PLATA 1859 Liverpool Argentina
LIZZIE 1859 Liverpool Argentina
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