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EAGLE 1803 [unspecified] New York
PORTLAND 1803 [unspecified] Charleston
PORTLAND 1803 [unspecified] Charleston
ORLANDO 1811 [unspecified] New York
FORTITUDE 1826 [unspecified] Argentina
FORTITUDE 1827 [unspecified] Argentina
FORTITUDE 1828 [unspecified] Argentina
[UNSPECIFIED] 1831 [unspecified] Argentina
MINSTREL BOY 1831 [unspecified] Wilmington
[UNSPECIFIED] 1835 [unspecified] Argentina
PARSEE 1853 [unspecified] Australia (Moreton Bay)
LEIBNITZ 1867 [unspecified] Argentina
TYCHO BRAHE 1867 [unspecified] Argentina
HALLEY 1868 [unspecified] Argentina
CASSINI 1868 [unspecified] Argentina
GALILEO 1869 [unspecified] Argentina
BIELA 1870 [unspecified] Argentina
AGAMEMNON 1870 [unspecified] Argentina
COPERNICUS 1870 [unspecified] Argentina
TYCHO BRAHE 1870 [unspecified] Argentina
CITY OF RIO DE JANEIRO 1871 [unspecified] Argentina
BIELA 1872 [unspecified] Argentina
HIPPARCHUS 1872 [unspecified] Argentina
KEPLER 1872 [unspecified] Argentina
TAGUS 1873 [unspecified] Argentina
POTOSI 1873 [unspecified] Argentina
LEIBNITZ 1873 [unspecified] Argentina
LAPLACE 1873 [unspecified] Argentina
HAMSTEAD 1873 [unspecified] Argentina
COPERNICUS 1873 [unspecified] Argentina
BIELA 1873 [unspecified] Argentina
GALILEO 1873 [unspecified] Argentina
THALES 1874 [unspecified] Argentina
GALILEO 1874 [unspecified] Argentina
LEIBNITZ 1874 [unspecified] Argentina
LEIBNITZ 1875 [unspecified] Argentina
HUMBOLDT 1876 [unspecified] Argentina
HERACLIUS 1876 [unspecified] Argentina
HERVALIUS 1876 [unspecified] Argentina
MONDEGO 1876 [unspecified] Argentina
LEIBNITZ 1877 [unspecified] Argentina
MASKELYNE 1877 [unspecified] Argentina
EUCLID 1877 [unspecified] Argentina
BIELA 1878 [unspecified] Argentina
MASKELYNE 1879 [unspecified] Argentina
HERSCHEL 1880 [unspecified] Argentina
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