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INDEPENDANCE 1803 Londonderry New York
PENNSYLVANIA 1803 Londonderry Philadelphia
PENNSYLVANIA 1803 Londonderry Philadelphia
STRAFFORD 1803 Londonderry Philadelphia
CORNELIA 1803 Londonderry New York
ARDENT 1803 Londonderry Baltimore
ARDENT 1803 Londonderry Baltimore
AMERICAN 1803 Londonderry New York
AMERICAN 1803 Londonderry New York
SERPENT 1803 Londonderry Baltimore
MOHAWK 1803 Londonderry Philadelphia
MOHAWK 1803 Londonderry Philadelphia
CORNELIA 1803 Londonderry New York
BROTHERS 1804 Londonderry Philadelphia
DUNCAN 1804 Londonderry New York
MARIE OF WILMINGTON 1804 Londonderry Philadelphia
WILLIAM & MARY 1804 Londonderry New York
LIVE OAK 1804 Londonderry New York
SERPENT 1804 Londonderry New York
AMERICAN 1804 Londonderry New York
ALEXANDER 1811 Londonderry New York
MARY WELLINGTON 1811 Londonderry Philadelphia
MARINER 1811 Londonderry New London
AKIN ALEXANDER 1811 Londonderry New York
WESTPOINT 1811 Londonderry New York
MARY 1811 Londonderry Philadelphia
HARMONY 1811 Londonderry Philadelphia
WEST POINT 1811 Londonderry New York
GOLCONDA 1811 Londonderry New York
BARKLEY 1816 Londonderry New York
MARMION 1825 Londonderry New York
TRIDENT 1825 Londonderry New York
ASIA 1828 Londonderry Philadelphia
LADY OF THE LAKE 1831 Londonderry Wilmington
LEANDER 1831 Londonderry Wilmington
INEZ 1831 Londonderry Wilmington
ONTARIO 1832 Londonderry Philadelphia
ASIA 1832 Londonderry Philadelphia
PRUDENCE 1832 Londonderry Philadelphia
VERNON 1832 Londonderry Philadelphia
CUPID 1833 Londonderry Wilmington
MARY CUMMINGS 1833 Londonderry Wilmington
CRUIKSTON CASTLE 1833 Londonderry Wilmington
LADY OF THE LAKE 1833 Londonderry Wilmington
ANN 1834 Londonderry Philadelphia
ADAM LODGE 1834 Londonderry Philadelphia
MACEDONIA 1834 Londonderry Philadelphia
GARLAND 1834 Londonderry Philadelphia
DOROTHY 1834 Londonderry Philadelphia
ELLERGILL 1834 Londonderry Philadelphia
EDMOND 1834 Londonderry Philadelphia
KINKELLA 1834 Londonderry Philadelphia
PHOENIX 1834 Londonderry Philadelphia
EMMANUEL 1836 Londonderry Philadelphia
COURAGE 1836 Londonderry Philadelphia
MARCHIONESS OF ABERCORN 1840 Londonderry Wilmington
FRANKLIN 1840 Londonderry Wilmington
CADMUS 1840 Londonderry Philadelphia
MARCHIONESS 1845 Londonderry New Orleans
R H DOUGLASS 1847 Londonderry Baltimore
ENTERPRISE 1847 Londonderry Baltimore
COLLINGWOOD 1847 Londonderry New Orleans
JOHN KERR 1848 Londonderry Wilmington
SUPERIOR 1848 Londonderry New Orleans
FANNY 1849 Londonderry New York
BARBARA 1850 Londonderry Philadelphia
CREOLE 1850 Londonderry Philadelphia
MINERVA 1850 Londonderry Philadelphia
ELIZA MORRISON 1851 Londonderry Mobile
TECHLA 1851 Londonderry New York
BRITISH QUEEN 1851 Londonderry New York
HANNAH KERR 1851 Londonderry New York
FANNY 1855 Londonderry New York
BURLINGTON 1855 Londonderry Philadelphia
MINNIHAHA 1863 Londonderry New York
NUBIA 1865 Londonderry Quebec
STADACONA 1870 Londonderry New York
DEVONIA 1883 Londonderry New York
LIVE OAK 1894 Londonderry New York
HIBERNIAN 1896 Londonderry Boston
STATE OF NEBRASKA 1897 Londonderry New York
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