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GLOBE 1716 Ireland [unspecified]
PATIENCE & JUDITH 1716 London [unspecified]
CATHERINE 1737 Ireland [unspecified]
FREEMASON 1764 Cork [unspecified]
HANNAH 1764 Cork [unspecified]
WILLMOTT 1766 Cork [unspecified]
WILLIAM 1766 Ireland [unspecified]
ANN & MARGARET 1767 Ireland [unspecified]
MARS 1803 Dublin [unspecified]
PATTY 1803 Newry [unspecified]
MARS 1803 Dublin [unspecified]
NUMA 1803 Limerick [unspecified]
MARS 1803 Dublin [unspecified]
PRUDENCE 1804 Dublin [unspecified]
CLARENCE 1846 Galway [unspecified]
CONQUEROR 1850 Liverpool [unspecified]
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