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TAGUS 1873 [unspecified] Argentina
TAGUS 1876 Liverpool Argentina
TARBOLTON OF NEWRY 1834 Dublin Quebec
TARIFA 1868 Queenstown New York
TAY 1840 Greenock New York
TECHLA 1851 Londonderry New York
TELEGRAPH 1853 Liverpool New York
TEUTONIC 1891 Queenstown New York
TEUTONIC 1900 Queenstown New York
TEUTONIC 1901 Queenstown New York
THALES 1874 [unspecified] Argentina
THOMAS B. WALES 1850 Liverpool New Orleans
THOMAS GILSON 1820 Belfast Charleston
TITANIC 1912 Queenstown New York
TITANIC 1912 Queenstown New York
TOLEMY 1866 Liverpool Argentina
TORONTO 1845 London New York
TORONTO 1851 Tralee New York
TRIDENT 1825 Londonderry New York
TRIPOLI 1866 Queenstown New York
TRIPOLI 1868 Queenstown New York
TRUTH & DAYLIGHT 1716 Ireland Boston
TYCHO BRAHE 1867 [unspecified] Argentina
TYCHO BRAHE 1868 Liverpool Argentina
TYCHO BRAHE 1870 [unspecified] Argentina
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