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Fernando Lázaro de Barros Basto Ex-combatentes irlandeses em Taperoá Rio de Janeiro Editorial Vozes 1971 52 p. National Library of Ireland Ir 360 p 13    
A. Gwynn Father Thomas Field, S.J Dublin: The Irish Messenger, 1924        
Aloisius Carlos Lauth A Colonia Principe Dom Pedro: um caso de politica imigratoria no Brasil Imperio Brusque, Brazil: Museo Arquidiocesano Dom Joaquim 1987        
Joyce Lorimer English and Irish settlement on the River Amazon, 1550-1646 London Hakluyt Society 1989 499 p. National Library of Ireland G 325 L 6    
William McCann Two Thousand Miles' Ride through the Argentine Provinces London: 1853 an Account of the Country and the habits of the people, with a Historical retrospect of the Rio de la Plata, Monte Video and Corrientes; 2 Vols. (Repr. New York AMS Press 19710      
Marion MacMurrough Mulhall Between the Amazon and the Andes; or, Ten years of a lady's travels in the pampas, Gran Chaco, Paraguay and Matto Grosso London: E. Stanford, 1881 340 p. Library of Congress F2217 .M95    
David Murphy The Irish Brigades 1685-2006 Dublin Four Courts Press 2007 304 pp. Account of Irish regiments in foreign armies None specified Irish regiments in North and South America 65 - 104
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  ABEI Newsletter (Brazilian Association for Irish Studies) University of Sao Paulo        
  The Irish Sword: the journal of the Military History Society of Ireland. Dublin The Society 1950 -   National Library of Ireland Ir 355 i 6 An Irish regiment in Brazil, 1826-28 III, No.10 1957 18-31