Local histories for Derry.

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Gerard O'Brien Derry & Londonderry: history & society Dublin Geography Publications, 1999 National Library of Ireland Ir 94112 d 13 More...
John O'Donovan Ordnance Survey letters Londonderry 1834 Draperstown Ballinascreen Historical Society 1992 National Library of Ireland Ir 94112 o 3 More...
Rev. James O'Laverty An Historical Account of the Dioceses of Down and Connor Dublin 1878-89 National Library of Ireland Ir 27411 o 5 More...
Sir Thomas Phillips Londonderry and the London Companies Belfast PRONI 1928    
William Reeves Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down, Connor and Dromore 1847    
Hugh Shearman Ulster London 1949 National Library of Ireland Ir 91422 s 3 More...
Angret Simms Irish historic towns atlas: Vol.3, Derry - Londonderry, Dundalk, Armagh, Tuam, Limerick Dublin RIA 2012 National Library of Ireland  
Robert Simpson The Annals of Derry Londonderry 1847    
Avril Thomas Irish Historic Towns Atlas 15: Derry/Londonderry Dublin Royal Irish Academy 2005 National Library of Ireland  
Thomas Witherow A True Relation of the Twenty Week Siege ..., London 1649    
Thomas Witherow Derry and Enniskillen, in the year 1689 1873, 1885    
A. R. Wright Historical sketch of Ballyclabber Reformed Presbyterian Church - - 1947 National Library of Ireland More...