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Testamentary Authority before 1857.

Consistorial Wills and Administrations.

Prerogative Wills and Administrations.

Prerogative Wills: Betham Abstracts.

Testamentary Authority after 1857.

Calendars of Wills and Administrations.

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Will Abstracts: Inland Revenue Records.

Will Abstracts: Land Commission Records.

Wills in the Registry of Deeds.

Will Abstracts in the Genealogical Office.

Will Abstracts and Transcripts: Other Sources.

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Will Abstracts: Inland Revenue Records:

The Inland Revenue in London kept a series of annual Indexes to Irish Will Registers and Indexes to Irish Administration Registers from 1828 to 1879, which are now in the National Archives. These give the name and address of both the deceased and the executor or administrator. As well as the Indexes, the Archives also hold a set of the actual Inland Revenue Irish Will Registers and Irish Administration Registers for the years 1828 - 1839, complete apart from the Wills Register covering January to June 1834. The Will Registers are not exact transcripts of the original wills, but supply a good deal of detailed information, including the precise date of death, the principal beneficiaries and legacies, and a brief inventory of the estate. The Administration Registers are less informative, but still include details of the date of death, the administrator and the estate.
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