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Testamentary Authority before 1857.

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Testamentary Authority after 1857.

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Wills in the Registry of Deeds.

Will Abstracts in the Genealogical Office.

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Information Supplied

The minimum information to be found in a will is:
- the name, address and occupation of the testator;
- the names of the beneficiaries;
- the name(s) of the executor(s);
- the names of the witnesses;
- the date the will was made;
- the date of probate of the will.

Specific properties are usually, though not always, mentioned. The two dates, that of the will itself and of its probate, give a period during which the testator died. Up to the nineteenth century, most wills were made close to the date of death, and witnesses were normally related to the person making the will.

As well as the minimum information, of course, many wills also contain much more, including at times addresses and occupations of beneficiaries, witnesses and executors, and details of family relationships, quarrels as well as affection.