Sarah Tharakan and her husband Nithin at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

At the start of the year we spoke to people preparing to emigrate. Here we catch up with them, to see how they are getting on in t(...)

Rachel Healy and her husband Simon Doran getting married on a beach in Mexico.

As thousands of Irish emigrants fly back to Ireland, or make plans to spend Christmas overseas, five share their feelings about ho(...)

The fall in the number of students graduating from property-related college courses, combined with high levels of emigration in the sector during the downturn, has combined to create “the perfect storm”

SCSI claim number of students graduating insufficient to meet rising demand

New Zealand Police said a ‘visitor from Ireland’ had been stopped on a highway on the Coromandel Peninsula on the North Island on Sunday with his kayak strapped sideways to the roof. Photograph: New Zealand Police

Man stopped for dangerous driving was assumed to be an ‘Irish tourist’

Between May 2008 and April 2014, 78,500 people moved from the Republic of Ireland to Australia.

Beautiful beaches are a huge draw - but it’s a big move, so check our guide for practical advice

Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection offers dozens of different visas for foreign workers, but the most popular among Irish immigrants are the working holiday and employer-sponsored (457) visas.

From a working holiday to permanent residency, our guide will help you find the right visa

Property in Australia: Rents and real estate prices are highest in Sydney, followed by Perth and  Melbourne.

Rental properties don’t come cheap, and competition is fierce - so get your groundwork done in advance

Despite a slowdown in the Australian economy, there are still almost 200 occupations on the Skilled Occupations List, which is a good indicator of your chances of finding a job.

Economy is strong but a recent downturn is affecting the labour market, so research is important

Aoife Kealy: ‘It is not easy to get into property development here - the market is very competitive and it is very much about who you know, and that goes for a lot of professional sectors.’

Australia Q&A: Property development manager Aoife Kealy moved to Melbourne in 2010

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