A pharmacist responds


Last week we carried an item about the price of a particular drug in Boots and Doc Morris. A reader pointed out that a 50mg supply of blood-pressure drug Cozaar costs €19.67 in Boots, but in Doc Morris it costs €24.30. We did contact Doc Morris last week and got a response – but it was eaten by Gremlins and never made it onto the page. Here it is

MD Goretti Brady was quick to respond and she accepted the price differential outlined existed, but insisted the chain is much cheaper than Boots for other drugs. “Since last autumn, we have been concentrating hard on generics to try and drive their sale to save customers money – there can be savings of up to 40 per cent on such drugs.” She pointed out the generic of the drug mentioned above sells in its 73 stores for €21 and added that she would look at the pricing of the non-generic version too.